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2013 Immigration Litigation Meeting: Reading Materials

Reading Materials

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

11:30AM - Registration and Lunch

12PM-12:30PM - Opening remarks and introducations

12:30PM - 1:30PM - Legalization Challenges: Lessons Learned from IRCA

Speakers: Eleanor Pelta (Facilitator), Lucas Guttentag, Bob Pauw, Marc Van Der Hout
          - "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over: Amnesty Issues Persist a Decade After IRCA"
          - "Judicial Review of Legalization Implementation: The IRCA Experience"
          - Reno et al. v. Catholic Social Services, Inc et al.
          - McNary et al. v. Haitian Refugee Center, Inc. et al.
          - NILC Analysis of Senate Immigration Reform Bill: Immigrant Visas (Title II)

1:30PM-1:40PM - Break and room set-up

1:40PM-3:30PM - Small group sessions:

1. Challenges to State/Local Laws (1 of 2 sessions)
     Facilitators: Karen Tumlin, Sam Brooke
          - Georgia SB160 (Section 7)
2. Enforcement Abuses in the Context of Arrest
     Facilitators: Becky Sharpless, Kristin Macleod-Ball
          - Excerpts from AIC memo on 8 CFR 292.5(b) Right to Counsel (2010)
          - Jimenez-Domingo v. Holder Brief for Petitioner
          - Jimenez-Domingo v. Holder - AIC Amicus Brief in Support of the Petitioner
          - American Immigration Council's Motions to Suppress Practice Advisory
3. Criminal/Immigration Issues (1 of 2 sessions)
     Facilitators: Manny Vargas, Thomas Ragland, Maria Andrade, Dan Kesselbrenner
          - Seeking Post-Conviction Relief Under Padilla v. Kentucky After Chaidez v. U.S.
          - Moncrieffe v. Holder: Implications for Drug Charges and Other Categorical Approach Issues
          - Living With Silva-Trevino
          - Matter of Davey and the Categorical Approach
          - Waiting for Descamps: How the Supreme Court Might Save Your Crim/Imm Case
          - Pascual v. Holder, 707 F.3d 403 (2d Cir. 2013)
          - Pascual v. Holder Petition for Rehearing
          - Pascual v. Holder amicus brief
          - Rojas v. Holder Brief for Respondent
          - Rojas v. Holder Brief for Petitioner
          - BIA decision in Matter of Almanza

3:30PM-3:40PM - Break

3:40PM-5:30PM - Small group sessions:

1. Prosecutorial Discretion
     Facilitators: JJ Rosenbaum, Mary Kenney (Conference Room A)
          - Matter of Avetisyan
          - Hernandez v. USCBP
          - IJ Order Denying ICE Motion to Recalendar Case with Pending Civil Rights Complaint
          - Transcript - Case Dismissed for Lack of Reliable Evidence
          - Crane v. Napolitano - Order Deferring Ruling until further Briefing
          - "New Orleans' Immigration Battles"
          - "Southern 32 member Joaquin Navarro Hernandez may soon see relief from deportation"
2. Challenges to Detention
     Facilitators: Ahilan Arulanantham
          - Agenda
          - Sylvain v. AG of the United States Decision.pdf
          - Rodriguez Decision
          - Gayle v. Napolitano - Petitioner's Reply Brief
          - Deposition of Assistant Chief Immigration Judge Fong (specifically page 210)
3. Stay Litigation
     Facilitators: Nancy Morawetz, Trina Realmuto
          - Nken v. Holder, the Solicitor General, and the Presentation of Internal Government Facts
          - Contreras-Soto v. Holder Brief of Amicus Curiae
          - Seeking a Judicial Stay of Removal in the Court of Appeals
          - Return to the US After Prevailing on a Petition for Review or Motion to Reopen or Reconsider

5:30PM-5:45 - Announcements from small group sessions

6PM-8PM - Reception: Morgan Lewis (1111 Pennsylvania Avenue NW) - RSVP Required

Friday, May 31st, 2013

8:15AM - Breakfast

8:30AM-9::35AM - Breakfast Roundtable on Select Litigation Topics

Facilitators: Stephen Manning (retroactivity issues)
                      Javier Maldonado (false claims to US citizenship)
                      Chuck Roth (challenging ULP bars)
                      Rex Chen (compelling document production)
                      Stacy Tolchin (combatting expedited removals)
                               - Ledesma v. Napolitano - Opening Brief for Petitioner
                               - Ledesma v. Napolitano - Motion to Reopen and Rescind

9:35AM - Announcements

9:40AM-9:50AM - Break and room set-up

9:50AM-11:40AM - Small group sessions:

1. Challenges to CBP Abuses/Border Issues
     Facilitators: Javier Maldonado, James "Duff" Lyall, Rebecca Engel
          - CBP Abuse of Authority
          - ACLU Request for Records from The Tucson Police Department
          - Fulgencio de la Fuente v. USA - Complaint
          - Frias v. Torrez - Second Amended Complaint
          - Gracia de la Paz v. Coy et. al. - Complaint
          - Hernandez-Carrano v. USA - Complaint
          - ACLU "Know Your Rights" Packet
          - Ramirez-Rangel et al. v. Kitsap County - Complaint
          - Martinez-Aguero v. Gonzalez et al. - Complaint
          - U.S.-Mexico Bi-National Abuse Documentation System
          - NYCLU "Know Your Rights" card
2. Challenging Detention Conditions
     Facilitators: Holly Cooper, Illyce Shugall        
          - Padron et al. v. ICE et al. complaint
          - Challenging solitary confinement outline
          - Phone Contracts for San Francisco Area Jails:
                    - Contra Costa County
                    - Yuba County
                    - Sacramento County
3. Criminal/Immigration Issues (2 of 2 sessions)
     Facilitators: Manny Vargas. Thomas Ragland, Maria Andrade, Dan Kesselbrenner
           - See reading materials for Criminal/Immigration Issues (1 of 2 sessions)

11:40AM-11:50AM - Break and room set-up

11:50AM-12:15 - Lunch and announcements from small group sessions

12:15PM-1:40PM - Lunchtime Rountable: Strategies to Challenge CIR
Facilitators: Zach Nightingale, Anna Gallagher

1:40PM-1:50PM - Break and room set-up

1:50PM-3:40PM - Small group sessions:

1. Detainer Litigation
     Facilitators: Mark Flemming, Peter Markowitz
          - Chart of Pending and Recent Detainer Litigation
          - Galarza v. Szalczyk, Case No. 12-cv-3991 (3d Cir.)
          - Jimenez Moreno v. Napolitano, Case No. 11-cv-05452 (N.D. Ill.) - Amended Complaint
          - Jimenez Moreno v. Napolitano, Case No. 11-cv-05452 (N.D. Ill.) - Answer to Amen. Complaint
          - Jimenez Moreno v. Napolitano, Case No. 11-cv-05452 (N.D. Ill.) - Responses to Plaintiffs' RFAs
          - Brizuela v. Feliciano, Case No. 12-cv-00226 (D. Conn.) - Settlement Agreement
          - Brizuela v. Feliciano, Case No. 12-cv-00226 (D. Conn.) - Complaint
          - Roy v. County of Los Angeles, Case No. 12-cv-9012 (CD Cal)
          - McCann v. Sheriff Dart, Case No. 13-ch-10583 (Cook Cty Cir. Ct.)
          - Galarza v County Lehigh (3d Cir)--Appellant Opening Brief
          - Galarza v County Lehigh (3d Cir)--Defendant Response
          - Galarza v County Lehigh (3d Cir)--Appellant Reply
2. Challenges to State/Local Laws Continued (2 of 2 sessions)
     Facilitators: Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg, Andre Segura
          - Huntsville Police Dep’t Policy and Form
          - Boaz Police Dep’t Policy
          - Alabama Dep’t of Public Safety Policy
          - Ortega Melendres v Arpaio - Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

3:40PM-4:30PM - Evaluations and annoucements from small group sessions